Informatica Experts B.V.


Project assignment (program mgt roles with overall responsibility for design, deliver and infrastructure)

With the introduction of Informatica MDM we maximize the business value of Enterprise Data Management with a modular, integrated and expandable solution delivering a unified view of all master data. The MDM / Data Hub enables a one-touch business process execution and a single version of the truth making accurate and complete data available to (SAP and non-SAP) applications, people and processes. This all leads, amongst others, to the following benefits

  1. Organized ownership , authorization and Automatic processing and data distribution. Including facilitating data migration for SAP landscape mergers.
  2. Low data processing costs and high data quality: first time right and fast E2E throughput time
  3. Central master data hub including (financial, product and customer) hierarchies, BOM’s, classifications and key attributes with clear maintenance
  4. Improved and central governance of key Enterprise Structure data objects across all ERP (SAP and legacy) systems – current governance is fragmented and prevents standardized data sets

We started small with Product and Business Partner data Hub and are now expanding to other domains.

MDM capabilities that are put in place:

  • Data Maintenance (create, change, delete)
  • MDM Workflow and Approval
  • Data Storage & Presentation (unique customized UI and reports)
  • Data Harmonization (match and merge, golden record creation)
  • Data Mapping & Transformation (value set creation in (non) SAP formats)
  • Data Quality Monitoring (flow control, monitoring operational excellence)
  • Data Cleansing & Deduplication
  • Data Distribution (various formats and technologies enable easy in- and outbound integration by SAP Idocs, XML messages, XLS format etc.)